Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Forever Patio! We understand you’re busy trying to find the perfect outdoor furniture to complete your backyard design, and you don’t want to waste too much time digging around for answers to all your questions. So, we’ve decided to help you in your search with our list of useful FAQs! Learn all about modern patio furniture and equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to make the best decision.

Where can I buy Forever Patio furniture?

Forever Patio furniture can be purchased from any of our licensed vendors, listed on our Authorized Dealers page.

What is the warranty on Forever Patio furniture?

If you’d like to know more about our Forever Patio warranty, please contact your dealer. 

What is “resin wicker”?

Resin wicker is a synthetic material that combines natural fibers and PVE plastics that are more environmentally-friendly than traditional PVC, nylon, and latex materials. Resin wicker is built to last longer, too, and is even more durable than organic rattan wicker. Because it is a synthetic material made of thousands of individual fibers, it is not “dyed;” the coloration is implicit in the material itself. This means that even if your furniture gets scuffed and scraped, it won’t lose its color or its strength.

How durable is resin wicker furniture?

Due to its very nature, resin wicker requires very little maintenance. Since it is not superficially dyed, but rather the colors are a part of every individual fiber, resin wicker is totally immune to fading. Resin wicker is also very strong because the fiber mesh has a very high tensile strength; it doesn’t fray the way rattan wicker does, but it is still very taut over an aluminum frame.

Can I leave Forever Patio furniture out in the rain?

Yes! Because PVE is mostly synthetic material, it is completely waterproof. Additionally, the skeleton of every piece of Forever Patio furniture is made from lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum. Aluminum can rust, but it oxidizes in a manner different from steel; the rust will not drastically affect the appearance nor the integrity of the framework. While classic steel frames are very prone to rust, our aluminum frames can be exposed to the weather as much as you like and with just basic maintenance they will last a lifetime.

Will my Forever Patio furniture fade in the sun?

No! The resin wicker fibers of our premium patio furniture are not dyed superficially like most outdoor sets. The color is infused in every individual fiber of the resin wicker weave. Because it is not “dyed” the resin material never fades. It will look just as rich and lovely as the day you bought it.