About Forever Patio

Forever growing, forever innovating, forever improving your home and garden: that’s what we stand for here at Forever Patio.

For more than 10 years Forever Patio has been innovating the furniture industry, helping vendors improve their catalog selection with the best quality craftsmanship in the business and helping homeowners find the perfect, long-lasting outdoor sets for their backyards.

Our commitment to quality, value, and service have been our guiding force through all these years; it is what makes us unique and different from just about everyone else.

Every piece of furniture we build represents this commitment to quality: we use only the best materials and the most striking, cutting-edge designs in the business for timeless comfort , unparalleled durability, and impressive functionality that surprises and delights. Our process is methodical, detailed, and effective: we settle for nothing less than the best.

From manufacturing to marketing, Forever Patio sets the bar high for furniture manufacturers everywhere. If you are interested in forming a vendor account with us, please be sure to contact us today.

Our tenacious commitment to the quality of our products is matched only by the commitment we have to our vendors. We strive to go above and beyond all expectations, providing incredible service to complement our incredible products. We offer hassle-free excellence to all of our vendors with incredibly fast shipping, myriad customization options, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to deliver a perfect customer experience.

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